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Pupil Voices

There are a number of groups in school where the children can get involved in school life, each group is supported by a member of staff.

Charity Council

This group of children help to create fundraising projects to help improve the lives of children locally, nationally and around the world.

Cyber Ambassadors

They understand the importance of staying safe online.  They share this knowledge with the children of the school, so they can enjoy using technology too.  They are important because they prevent children from being bullied online. They also help children use trusted websites to try and keep them safe online.  Every year there is a week called 'Anti-bullying week', where the Ambassadors hold an assembly about anti-online bullying.

Green Team

At our school we take great pride in our site and grounds.  The Green Team help encourage everyone to look after the school environment as well as the global environment.

Junor Road Safety Officers

Their role is to make sure all of the children (and other road users) know how to keep us safe whilst travelling.

Learning Council

Their mission is to help everyone become successful St John’s learner by using our REACH skills: Resilience, Enthusiasm, Ambition, Creativity and by being Hands on,


Our librarians have a real talent for reading and work alongside our school librarian to make the library an inviting place for all children to visit.  They also help to promote reading challenges and events.

Premises Officers

At our school we take great pride in our school site and grounds.  Our Premises Officers work alongside the Green Team to look after our school environment and ensure that everything in it is treated with trust, respect and friendship.

Spirit Team

They discuss and share ways to celebrate and reflect on what it means to be a Christian school.  They also help others to celebrate and respect different religions and beliefs.

Trick Box Tricksters

Their role is to share techniques for recognising and encouraging a positive mind set when we are faced with challenges in school and our everyday lives.

Welcome Ambassadors

They welcome new visitors into our school community and answer any questions they may have.

Young Citizens

Their role is to help all children to become confident citizens who make a positive contribution to our community.

The school also have Prefects and House Captains, for Simmonds, Ennis-Hill, Beckham and Murray to help in school in a variety of ways, from giving tours to helping to organise Sports Day.

We are very lucky and proud to have such wonderful groups helping in school.