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Our Learning Councils were formed early in 2016.  This Pupil Voice group are all about promoting learning in school.  Each class chooses one person to represent them on the Learning Council.

The learning attitudes that are promoted across the school are:

~ Resilience

~ Enthusiasm

~ Ambition

~ Creativity

~ Hands on 

To help engage all the children, each learning skill has been linked to a character, for example, Roxy the Resilient Robin.  One of our parents has kindly made a soft toy version of each character and we display them in our school hall so that we see them all the time and can refer to them in our assemblies when we celebrate successful learning.

As the Learning Council, our mission is to make sure that every child, parent and school governor understands each of our 'REACH' skills and why they are important.  We work really hard to spread the word by leading assemblies, making information leaflets and meeting the School Governors to update them on what it happening in school too.

Every year we hold a REACH week, which is our chance to celebrate our learning skills.  The Learning Council plan the week and make sure it is great fun with lots of opportunities to be outside.