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School Uniform Guidance  

The school has a uniform which is smart and practical and, although voluntary, it has been adopted by all parents.  It is hoped that parents will co-operate in sending children to school in clothes that are suitable, reasonable, practicable and not in extremes of fashions with no large logos or slogans.

Suggested Uniform

  • Grey school trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore
  • Children in Year R may wear grey jogging bottoms every day if desired
  • Green check/striped summer dresses/skirts may be worn in summer
  • Bottle green sweatshirts, cardigans
  • White polo shirts
  • Grey, black, white or bottle green socks or tights

Tops are all embroidered with our school logo. Plain bottle green sweatshirts or cardigans and plain white polo shirts are also acceptable. To buy items  with our school logo you can purchase items via the website or  visit the Skoolkit  store in Fareham. Other items with our logo available to buy include caps and fleece jackets, which are optional.

PAFS also hold some good quality second hand uniforms that can be purchased for a small donation, please contact directly, see their page for details.

We also request that children wear school shoes (no open toes / high heels / sling backs) to school and not trainers. High heeled shoes are not to be worn.

PE Wear

Black shorts, trainers or plimsolls (elasticated preferably) and a plain coloured T-shirt appropriate to the house colour are needed for indoor PE.

  • Coloured PE shirts according to the children’s school house:

Blue – Ennis-Hill          Green – Simmonds          Yellow – Murray          Red – Beckham

Children should wear their PE house colour T- shirt, plain back, grey or navy (no logos) joggers or leggings and their school bottle green sweatshirt on PE days. A plain under layer e.g. thermal base layer in a neutral colour can be added if the weather is cold.

The school holds competition kit for children to borrow to attend some inter-school events. These kits are expected to be returned in their bag, washed, as soon as possible after the event.

Lost Property  

Items of clothing etc. that are lost can be returned immediately if named, otherwise they are kept in a ‘lost property boxes’ in which children can look.  At the end of each  half term all remaining unclaimed items  are disposed of. The school cannot be responsible for items of value that are brought to the school and which subsequently go missing.  It is essential that all main items of clothing are named.


The wearing of jewellery in school should be kept to a minimum with only watches and stud earrings.  We as a school have adopted the Hampshire Safety in PE Policy which states:

  • All jewellery / watches must be removed and it is the responsibility of the pupil to store them safely
  • If under exceptional circumstances jewellery cannot be removed e.g. newly pierced earstuds are secured by micropore applied by the child for an agreed time, this should be provided from home for this use
  • Children should be encouraged not to wear earrings on PE days and should be taught by their parents how to remove them.

Hair and nails  

  • Children’s hair should be of a natural colour with no extreme hair cuts or shaved in designs.
  • Children should not wear nail polish or false nails to school.

Sun safety

  • During the summer months, children should be provided with a sun hat or cap and sunglasses to wear at school. Please see our sun safety policy for more information.

Personal possessions

Please try to keep the number of non-educational items brought to school to a minimum as they do present problems of supervision.  Electronic games are not permitted at school. Mobile phones are not essential and if brought to school should be handed in to the office team for safekeeping during the school day or with Little Johns staff when attending Breakfast or After school club..